Why O4U


O4U reflects Organic for You”

Organic is the latest lifestyle mantra that every fitness freak or every self caring person would recommend to himself.

O4u deals only and only with Fresh, Natural & Organic Undiluted, Unrefined product made of naturally fresh ingredients that brings directly from Organic farms and prepared with no chemical or machinery processes.

O4U Fresh and Organic products may be does not looks better as commercial products as it is purely natural with no adulterations but good for skin, hair and health welfare just like white rice tastes good but brown rice are good for health.


Target Users: All Men & Women, All Age Group, All Skin Types but Specifically Sensitive or Allergic people.


Dealing Categories:

  1. Essential Oils
  2. Fresh Oils
  3. Herbal Powders
  4. Butters
  • Essential Oils are being much more beneficial for the sensitive skin as they are the safest and purest for skin, hair and aromatherapy.
  • Process of Making: Being made with steam distillation process, used especially to isolate essential aromatic nutrients in liquids. The process offers a purer, more natural way to create better aromatic products.
  • The Oil is being packed in Amber Glass bottles that take care to prolong the life of pure essential oils.
  • Amber Glass bottles protect oils from UV protection that make oil lasts long and is not easily breakable and can be recycled and reused.


  • Fresh Oils are the common oils that we used in routine like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil which are known for their beauty care and health care as well.
  • We made the oil from Fresh, pulpy, unrefined, natural and organic raw fruits.
  • O4U Oils lasts lesser than other brand oils due to usage of raw and fresh fruits that result tremendous for overall health and beauty care.


  • Herbal Powders like Hibiscus powder, Amla powder, Neem powder or Orange peel powder are being made by us with the natural and purest herbs Handpicked from Organic Farms.
  • Process of Making: Sunshade Dried Process is being used to make the herbal powders, which stops excessive sunlight from hitting!
  • Herbs being harvested and handpicked by manual labour and then being dried and battered to convert it into a powder and after packed and manufactured.
  • No chemical or physiochemical process is being used to maintain the purity of herbs.


  • Butters like Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Mango butter and kokum butter being made organically to naturally nourish and softens the skin.
  • Making Process: We use traditional handcrafting method,
  1. Collect the Shea or other fruits and picked the fresh one and apart being thrown.
  2. Separate the nuts from the fruits and then blend the nuts.
  3. Swirl it until it forms a layer of butter and then a whipping cream is being separated and got ready for packing.
  • Fresh & Organic O4U Butters are best for “Do It Yourself”, meaning you can use it for home made moisturizing creams or lotions, lip balms which made it natural and effective then commercial lotions or butters.


Specification of O4U

  • Before packing every product of O4U is tested in chemical laboratories.
  • Purely fresh and organic farm raw fruits and herbs being used.
  • Made with no chemical and preservatives.
  • No cruelty testing on animals.
  • Its freshness makes it lasts lesser than other brand products but effects better.
  • Made with special consideration of sensitive and allergic skin people.