O4U – Organic for You. The name says it all… O4U products are truly organic because all ingredients are born, nurtured and extracted organically. No chemicals or chemical fertilizers are used at any stage of the processes. O4U stands for Pure, Natural and Organic products only… Truly unadulterated since birth and truly rare.

The research was initiated by a very special woman Dr. Mrs. Harinder Arya, for the women who believed in the manifestation of beauty from under the skin. O4U is dedicated to only those who truly want to enjoy the bliss of nature and look naturally blessed and admirable.

Using the Freshest Botanical Oils, Naturally Sun-Dried Herbs, Purest Natural Clays, Raw Fruit & Nut Butters and many other organic ingredients, we offer a range of beauty products for your Hair, Body and Skin. If you have a problem, we have an offer to make. Not only to solve it but also to make you look Naturally Gorgeous.

About The Mother Company

The husband-wife duo Dr. Mrs. Harinder Arya and Mr. Shyam Arya both having very strong scientific research background as bio-technologists. After completing their academic career, when they met in CSIR Institute, they decided to get married and later decided to start the company Indus Cosmeceuticals in 1994. Indus Cosmeceuticals – a 25-year old, well-established company thus came into being that dealt in natural Certified Hair Dyes, Natural Skincare and Natural Hair care products. The Company has since made its mark with its well-known brand named ‘Indus Valley’ not just in India, but also in more than 30 countries around the world.

The Lady Behind O4U

O4U is the brainchild of Dr. Mrs. Harinder Arya, the Founder & Chairperson of the company. Completing her Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Delhi University, she gained over 20 years experience in Cosmetics Research & Cosmetic Products Development.

Dr. Mrs. Arya has been lecturing in national and international forums on Cosmetics & Hair Dye with the mission of increasing the productivity of research and education in natural science & chemistry. She has educated and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs nationwide and across the globe. Many of her students are today successfully running their own cosmetics companies in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Dr. Mrs. Arya also writes regularly for several well-known publications on beauty care and cosmetics.

Need of O4U

Since long Dr. Arya had been watching people hurt their skin and hair with strong chemical based cosmetics. After spending many years in the cosmetics industry and with the natural sciences, she learnt and experienced extensively about the bad impact of chemicals in beauty care products. Thus, she deeply felt the need for a superior alternative. Soon after, she dug into the world of Organics and found her answers. Today, she is sharing her hard-earned wisdom with the world and making all of us aware of the invaluable treasures nature has preserved for us, thereby sowing the seed of O4U. In 2017, she thus came up in a big way with the Sustainable, Organic, Personal Care Product brand.

O4U is a true gift from a woman, with in Bio Technology made for all those discerning women and men who want to be beautiful from within and choose no less than the best for it.

O4U is the most Eco-Friendly, Organic Personal Care Product Brand that saves the Skin, Hair and also the mother Earth from chemicals… at the same time… in the same breath.

O4U – Because, Your Body is Organic.